There’s nothing worse than noticing signs of tarnish on your favourite gold necklace or ring. That drab discolouration can turn your prized piece into a grubby accessory in need of much TLC. But how do you avoid it?

Once upon a time, the only way to avoid the dreaded tarnish was to invest in pure solid gold. A fool-proof measure, but ultimately, harsh on the bank balance for everyday pieces. Thankfully, you can avoid tarnish (and breaking the bank) by choosing gold jewellery made from high quality, durable PVD-coated stainless steel. Aurnia’s tarnish free jewellery is made only in this way.


Why does some jewellery turn my skin green?

That embarrassing grey-green stain on your skin from low quality jewellery is a quick way to ruin a great outfit. It’s caused by a chemical reaction between certain alloys used in some gold-plated jewellery like copper and brass and your skin.

Common causes are simple things such as lotion, perfume and even perspiration! The only way of truly avoiding it is to choose either pure gold, or affordable high quality stainless steel.

What can I do to protect my jewellery from tarnish?

The only true way to stop gold tarnishing is by choosing the right metal like ours. But if you already have items in your jewellery box made differently, there are some things you can do to protect it.

Dry is best

Keep your jewellery away from moisture and liquids as much as you can. Simple things like putting it on after spritzing your perfume and taking it off before a long bath will help.

Put it away with care

Store it in a soft pouch to stop it scratching against anything which could damage it. If you can’t do that, at least store it in a box away from air - elements such as moisture and sulphur can damage it.

Avoid chemicals

Harsh chemicals like hand sanitiser and cleaning products can de-coat gold plate over time. Try to remove them before your next cleaning session.

Change it up

We love a signature piece, but if it’s not made from the right stuff, it will wear down quickly if worn every day. Instead, alternate between a few items and rotate throughout the week.

Use a varnish - at your own risk!

If you don’t mind risking ruining your cheap costume jewellery piece from Topshop circa 2007, you could try a clear spray paint like a varnish to give it a protective layer. But be warned - this can turn yellow or cause build-up.