Skin tone matters - but it’s not a dealbreaker

When considering metals, skin tone is a spectrum and there should be no strict rules. However if you’re looking for a place to start, the answer for most is nearly always yellow gold due to its versatility.

If you have a deep-range skin tone, yellow gold is definitely your starting point - it’ll create a rich shine. If you have medium skin, you’ll generally suit any shade of gold, so mix it up according to your mood. A lower carat or white gold shines against lighter skin, but should also look great with yellow gold if that’s your thing. 

Know your undertones

Warm, cool, or neutral? It’s worth checking your undertone, as some will create a different effect with some metals. Rose gold for example will bring out pink undertones even more, but look bright against yellow or neutral.

Forget about your eye colour

Contrary to popular belief, metal types and shades aren’t linked with the colour of your eyes. It’s true that some gemstone colours can enhance certain eye colours, but this shouldn’t stop you going for your favourite shade or jewel.

Double-check your hair situation

If you’ve recently had a dramatic change of hair colour, you may want to revisit your jewellery box. White gold stands out beautifully against dark and brunette tresses, and is a cool complement to red locks. If you’re blonde, yellow and rose gold can create a glowing warmth.

Still confused after this?

Don’t overthink it. Rules are made to be broken, and the best look is one of confidence. If gold doesn’t technically suit your skin tone but suits your personal style and aesthetic - go for it! No matter the shade, just make sure you’re choosing a high quality, tarnish-free piece, and you’ll shine in any colour.